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Regd. under Societies Registeration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.) n 1673-S of 1990

AZ Association

Association Loi de 1901.
Reconnue en qualit d'association de bienfaisance
par la Prfecture des Hauts de Seine

The Association

The AA is an organization which is non-govermental, non-political and non-religious. It falls under the French law of 1901 governing charitable organisation. All its members are volunteers.

Its task

AZ is devoted soley to supporting the development and proper function of the LAMDON MODEL SCHOOL (LMS), a school situated in the Zanskar region. The immediate objective is to permit the children of the school to benefit from a quality education in their own environment. The long-term objective is to permit these children to bring to their region autonomy in development and skills.

Under all circumstances, AZ remains completely neutral, and avoids any interference in the functioning of the school.

Three types of support

The functioning of the school

AZ spends all of its sponsorship funds on the children who are being sponsored at LMS. These funds permit the Lamdon Model School to cover part of its operating expenses (teachers' salaries, school supplies, upkeep of the classrooms...).

Specific Projects

AZ also finances projects wich are directely related to the school by using funds earmarked for school sponsorship and donations. For example, AZ is currently partecipating in the financing of the construction of a new school which will permit the children to work in a comfortable and acceptable setting.

Presence of AZ representatives

Finally, at the request of the LMS, AZ may send on of its member to Zanskar, in order to help the school in specific area (education, health, etc.)

This description of AZ and its work is a resume of the Association Charter .

Your support to the children

You are aware of the support brought to the children of Zanskar. You can partecipate. Different types of support are possible. Whichever one you chose, it is welcome:

You become member of the AZA

An association's strength is in the number of its members. Today, AZ includes over 250. Your membership requires an annual fee of 250FF. It permit you to receive regular news from the school or the children, and to partecipate in different activities.

You sponsor a child

To sponsor a child implies that there, on the edges of the Himalayas, a child eill go to school thanks to you. You will have a special relationship with this chid. You may exchange mail, you will receive his/her photo and his/her school grades every year. You mught even visti your child during a trip to Zanskar. Sponsorship includes membership in the AZ and an annual fee of 138 . This membership will continue until he/she leaves school (12 years minimum).

You sponsor the school

Sponsorship of the school consist of supporting the improvement of the educational conditions. Your sponsorship will contribute for example, to the construction of a new school or a library. The annual fee for sponsorship of the school include membership in the AZ and an annual fee of 118 , with no promise of duration on your part.

You became a donor

Finally, you might become a donor. The funds collected thus are utilised for specific projects related to the school. The donor system leaves you completely free to decide on contribution.

The work of theAZ Association

The genesis of AZ

At its origin, AZ was created by a group of friends trying to experience intellinget tourism. Their desire was to organise tours with strong spirit of awarness, particulary concerning the inhabitants of the countries being visisted.

The birth of a great idea

In 1988, Marc DAMIENS, founding president of the association, took up a trekking journey into the Zanskar region. During this trip, he struk ip a friendship with a Zanskari teacher. Quickly a subject engaged them both: creating a school for the village of Pibiting. The Lamdon Model School.

The objective of this school was a simple idea: the teaching condition not being well-adapted to the caracteristics of Zanskar beacause of its isolation and the difficulties of tis climate, the solution consisted of creating a school for the Zanskary people. Over the long run, better teaching would thus permit the region to lessen its dependance on the exterior world in all areas or aspects: economic, health, education, administration...

Of Course such a project would not be without any obstacles, Zanskar being a naturaly poor region. The school had a hard time functioning at first, with only 42 students and 2 teachers.

A project of friendship and solidarity

The friendship and collaboration between AZ and the LMS were thus born. Since the problem of financial resources was a crucial ome form the LMS, AZ was able to take responsability for this aspect of the project, thus leaving the LMS to consecrate itself totally to proper functioning of the school.

This new vocation quickly focused all of "Adepte energies", and it thus became "Adepte Zanskar" (now AZ Association).

To day AZ counts 280 members, both sponsors and donors, and transfers about 170.000 FF annually to the LMS. But most importantly, LMS, with 11 teachers, provides a regular teaching schedule recognized to be of high quality to more than 250 students, for whom the joy of going to school can be seen on their faces.


The Zanskar region is a part of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, a key area between China and Pakistan. It is situated to the north of the Grand Himalaya Range, and to the south of the upper valley of the Indus river.

The mountainous terrain along with the roughness of its climate, make access to this region very difficult. From the first snow fall, wich happens in November, the area goes into hibernation. The temperature on this plateau 3500 meters up regularly drop to -35.

Approximately 12.00 people make a poor living from africulture and animal-raising, with most of this work taking place in the summer. The mostly Buddhist population is very closely attached to the spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. This religion faith has led to the region being nicknamed "Little Tibet".

The geografic isolation permitted the people of Zanskar to conserve thei identity and tradition. But this actractive and well preserved authenticity must not hide the difficulties and problems faced by the Zanskari people.

Association Charter

The Association Charter of AZ is dedicated to everyone and every organisation concerned by the Association's actions. The Charter aims are to define clearly:

Association Statutes

Association AZ, created in 1988 is a French non govermental organisation (NGO), indipendent in choices, actions and collaborations. It is non political and non religious. It is a no profit Association for benefit of charity. All its members are representants are unpaid volunteer.

Association objectives and aims

The AZ main and priority objective is to bring a support the local Association Lamdon Model SCHOOL (LMS), for the development and good mamangement of the school of PIBITIBG/UFTI in ZANKAR (INDIA). Good management of the school means that the children are benefiting fromm a good quality teaching, in their traditional environment, contributing to their well being.

Nature of the support

Three different tipe of support are to be distinguished:

1. Sponsorship

AZ regulary transfers moneys to LMS to help it to reach the aim as described above. Those moneys are 650 French Francs for each child sponsored, such amount being limited to the number of sponsors that AZ found.

The moneys are transferred after cheking the numpber of children attending regularly the school during the school year.

The capacity of AZ to find sponsors being limited, this type of support is limited to a maximum number of 300 children shared out in 12 12 classes of different level, which means an average of 25 children per class.

2. Specific project for the school

AZ can as well punctually transfer supplementary funds for a project specifically linked to the school and its environment. This is limited to the aceptance of the project by AZ and its capability to finf the necessary funds.

For each requirement of funding of a project for the school, LMS or all other interlocutors will send a written request to AZ joined to buy a description whiw will include a plan, objectives, necessary means, available means, delays, budget, etc. ...

3. Presence of an AZ member in ZANKAR

Upon request from LMS, AZ can send, punctually, members of the association to Zanskar. This is for the purposes of helping the school of LMS.

Therefore the support of AZ is essentially financial or humanitarian. In general AZ will never send support in the form of equipment or supplies.

AZ support benig limited to the school of Pibiting, any help given by AZ for health reasons will be exsclusevley for the children.

Furthermore, AZ support is not individual but given to all the children of the school.

Conditions for the continuity of the support

AZ will not attend the control of to get involved in the managment of the LMS or of the school. Althought AAZ, for its support, expects to receive a detailed annual report of the school acrtivity as well as all accounting details justifying the use of moneys transferred from AZ to LMS.

The use of the funds for personal, political aims or others than described above in this charter, will bring a final and definitive stop to the support.

End of support

The present sistem of support as described here above in this document will be ratifying at the end of the year 2000.

For your sponsorship remember: INTERNATIONAL POSTAL ORDER to: Association AZ 
B.P. 44
92380 Garches - France 





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